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Yoga workshops explore aspects of yoga in more detail
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Future Yoga Workshops

Power of yoga breath – improving your posture

Sat 7th Nov 2020 10:00-12:00 Zoom £20


How can taking a full breath affect your posture?

In this workshop we will explore how expanding your breath can create more shape change in your spine and support your posture.  We will work with directional breath, helping you to you create more space in your lungs and access movement in postural muscles.  This will help you to extend your breath length and ease tension. 

 I’ll explain the movement you’ll be practicing from an anatomical perspective as well as linking it to traditional yoga teachings.  You will learn how this breathing technique influences the energy involved with assimilation (Prāna) and excretion (Āpāna) and the balance between the two.  Join us to experience how you work with a breath-centred yoga practice.  NB for this workshop you will benefit more if you have some previous yoga experience.

Future Workshops –

Power of yoga breath –

stimulating the vagus nerve

Sat 5th Dec 2020 10:00-12:00 Zoom

Full details for future yoga workshops details will be listed on my Facebook page and on my Twitter @YogaPracticeUK account.

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Online Workshops

2 hour yoga workshop will include two 35-40 minute practice sessions,  theory and Q&A session and a break.  There will be opportunities to explore ideas through application in practice, self observation and discussion.

All workshops will be interactive, and experiential we will explore yoga teachings and apply them through movement and breath work.  TTo participate you don’t need previous experience of yoga,  the workshop will be accessible to anyone who doesn’t have any restriction in their day to day movements.  

(NB In-person workshops are currently postponed) 

Yoga Practice Workshop Costs and Details

£20 for 2 hour session.

Place will be offered on a first come basis, (min 6, max 11 students).

Bookings will be taken up to 4 days before the session, if there aren’t spaces in the yoga workshops you request to attend I will add your name to a reserve list.  I will give at least 24 hours notice if I need to cancel a session.

Yoga breath to improve posture

 Previous Yoga Practice Workshops 


  • Standing and Lying āsana
  • Back bends and seated āsana
  • Working with counter postures
  • Variation and Modification of āsana
  • Moving your spine and releasing tension
  • Staying focused during āsana, prānāyāma and dhyāna –
    (postures, breathing techniques, meditation).
  • Exploring the breath as a means to energise or calm us.
  • Exploring the breath as a means to fire the body without over stimulating the mind.
  • Exploring how the tools of yoga can improve your sleep

  • Creating and sustaining habits – establishing a home yoga practice

Future workshop details available on Facebook

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I really loved the workshop thank you very much! I was initially a bit worried that a 3-hour session straight after work might be a bit much but I thought it was just right with the two 45-minute sessions of practice split up with the theory sessions and a break. It was good to meet new people and watch those who are more experienced and to learn more about the different types of asanas.

Thanks for workshop, I enjoyed it.  It was good as a refresher for the things that I remembered from our one to one sessions, but also for new information. It’s surprising too the little things that you pick up like it not being important to keep your legs straight in the forward bend as posture being more about the back.  It’s amazing that after years of practice, you can still pick up very useful tips that have evaded you.  I like the style of yoga you teach and felt very relaxed after the workshop which I think was due to focusing on my breath in postures that I do not always manage to do.

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