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What Beth's Students Say about Practising Yoga

Testimonials from Beth’s Students

If there is one thing as pleasing as working with students, it is to hear when the sessions you participated in together have really benefited them. These are some comments from students and my replies on how they have found the one to one yoga lessons.

If you’d like to share your experiences of one to one yoga sessions with me please leave a comment below. Thanks Beth.

I originally went to see Beth to get help with a chronic groin injury which I’d been trying to fix for over 6 months. I must admit that I was originally unsure that yoga was the right approach, but I went for it and followed Bethan’s bespoke plan.  After just a couple of weeks it started to pay off and I began to feel the benefits as the injury became less problematic. A few months later and the injury is now nearly completely resolved, and I have begun to realise more benefits. I have increased mobility and core strength, both of which have helped me with my weight training and Crossfit. I would recommend yoga, and Bethan’s specialised therapy, as a successful treatment for, and necessary prevention of injuries for any Crossfit athlete. Thanks Beth.

Ben Wilson

Thank you Ben,
It is great that you are able to get back to weight training and Crossfit with out experiencing problems from your old groin injury.   I’m glad you have found the practice has benefited you in several different ways that your weren’t expecting.  Because you are continuing to practice yoga regularly, I’m sure you will find it will complement the other activity you are doing and  help you to prevent future injuries.

Thank you, Beth

I went to the Holistic Therapy day at a local Leisure Centre. I have had a Transplant and a Mini stroke also arthritis. As I am now retired, I was looking for a therapy or exercise to help me keep mobile and fit. I saw Beth there and took some leaflets to think about things. After reading the information I felt happy to go along and try the yoga therapy as I had practised some yoga some years previous. I am pleased about the thoroughness of the questions asked about my health problems.

Initially I practised the exercises I was given and felt pleased that I was able to do them. However when my athritis flared up, Beth gave me different type of yoga practice to suit me. This has helped me relax more and there is no strain on my joints.

I am pleased I have started the therapy.

Val Harris

Thank you Val,
It is great that you are still able to practice yoga even during flair ups with your arthritis. It shows your dedication to your practice and your understanding that yoga doesn’t have to be all about physical postures. It is important with your own yoga to find an appropriate practice to suit you at this moment in time and working with meditational goals of yoga rather than aiming to increase your flexibility. I look forward to seeing you for your next lesson soon.

Thank you, Beth

I’ve had a lower back condition for about 12 years, but it had got noticeably worse over the past six months. My osteopath recommended that I try some yoga with Beth in order to develop a daily routine aimed at strengthening my back and core, and thereby reducing the pain and discomfort I was experiencing.

I started in February 2014, and after only a few weeks I’m already feeling a lot better. My back feels stronger and more resilient to spasms and car journeys, which had been a particular problem. I feel I can walk and be out and about with a lot more confidence, and feel that I now have a really good programme which I can follow every day on my own, which I know will help to improve my strength and flexibility. Many thanks for all your help and advice!

Mark Horner


Thanks Mark,

I’m really glad that yoga is helping you move more freely and is strengthening your back. It’s good to hear that activities which use to aggravate your back are getting easier and causing less of a problem for you now. I look forward to continue to see improvements from your practice.

Thank you, Beth

Beth was recommended to me by my osteopath after I had had a hysterectomy.

When I contacted her she confirmed that yoga practice had shown positive results in strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles. Beth recommended 1:1 lessons as my needs were more specific than she would be able to meet in general group sessions. As I have only just turned 60 I expect these exercises will continue to improve the muscle tone I need. As an added benefit the exercises have helped me relax and deal with the stresses of work/life balance.

Beth has a relaxed, calm but thorough teaching manner and is always ready to listen and adjust exercises when needed.

I cannot recommend Beth too highly to anyone thinking of starting yoga lessons.

Lana Bullimore

Thanks Lana, it’s great to have your feedback. It’s really enjoyable teaching you as your dedication to practicing at home enables me to develop the content of your yoga practice as you have become physically stronger. I look forward to your next lesson.

Thanks, Beth

Have dipped in and out of yoga many times over the years, but never managed to sustain a practice as never felt I was getting the level of support and dedicated time needed. Thankfully this has now changed since going to the one on one class with Beth. The practice has been individually tailored to suit what is best for me, which in turn means that it has now finally become a regular practice and also I feel I am actually making some progress!

For those who want to develop a regular practice and see and feel change, then I would thoroughly recommend Beth and her approach.

Many thanks. Tom Potokar

Thank you Tom,

I’m glad you have found that the guidance I have given you has helped you to establish a regular home practice. It is difficult to do this on your own as often we’re not sure what to include, what order to put the postures in and what is best for us a particular time. This uncertainty doesn’t help when motivating yourself to practice. I’m glad you feel the practice is appropriate and that it is motivating you to practice regularly at home on your own. I enjoy teaching you and looking at ways to develop your practice in accordance to what you need at a particular time.

Thank you, Beth


After suffering back pain for some time, I decided after recommendation by my GP, to try yoga therapy. I contacted Beth Cox, a viniyoga practitioner based in Swansea. Beth personalised a yoga programme based on my problem.

The ‘one to one’ treatment I received from Beth has been remarkable. The exercises, along with her ‘attention to detail’ has increased the strength and flexibility in my back to such an extent that I am, at the age of 67, able to resume activities that I participated in years ago.

During the last 4 months I have completed the course of 6 sessions. I now choose to continue the exercises that Beth has provided for me on a daily basis.

I believe this form of yoga would suit almost anyone. Viniyoga is what it needs to be for the individual seeking this therapy.

Jenny Cook. 

Thanks for your feedback Jenny.

I’m really pleased you’ve benefited so much from your yoga practice and it’s great to hear you are still practicing regularly.

Thank you, Beth.

I explored yoga tuition after a conversation with my dentist about teeth grinding (!) and in search of some increased flexibility for 50-something joints.

I was looking for a one-one teacher and came across Beth through her website. Her initial consultation gave me the confidence that she was the right teacher.

I have tuition with Beth at the Natural Health Service in Swansea. She has a relaxed teaching style, willing to answer questions and to do research on specific conditions (vertigo in my case) and come up with helpful suggestions

I have been surprised (and pleased) at how energised practice makes me feel and so I have just started on a second course of lessons. Thanks Beth !

Phil Conway

Thanks Phil,

It is great that you have been able to build regular yoga practice into your lifestyle. I am looking forward to developing your practice further in future sessions as you continue to gain in strength and flexibility. See you soon,

Thanks, Beth

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