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I’ve recently had a couple of yoga reviews from two ladies who came to me with chronic pain.  They have both been extremely dedicated to their practice and the results have improved their quality of life immensely.  Read more to find out what they wrote and my reply to them…

I have suffered with arthritis for over twenty years and the last two years i became much worse for no apparent reason.
I started doing Yoga with Beth (one to one) during March of 2015 and the improvement in my mobility is beyond belief as is the decrease in the phenomenal pain I was in.  I know that I shall keep on improving as I continue with yoga.  I must also say that I have been able to stop taking my pain medication which is a huge bonus.
I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you have done for me and for your patience, kindness and understanding.
Thank you Beth for everything.
Jane Rees

Yoga Student

Thank you Jane,
It’s been great to see your progress, from the first time you came in when even the movement of putting your coat on was extremely painful, to how you walk in now, with so much more freedom of movement.  I remember at the start how we worked with seated postures and some simple standing movements, after one month you started working with kneeling postures as well.  I’m so please you continued to practice even through the progress was fairly slow at the start.  After 3 months we started working with lying postures, by then you could get up and down from the floor without being in too much pain.  Now 9 months on looking at the practice you are currently working with, you would never know the severity of pain that you originally came to me with.  Well done and keep up the good work, as the change has happened because of your dedication to practicing yoga regularly.
Thank you, Beth

I smashed my left ankle over 10 years ago but never really got back to full fitness. Then looking after my aged parents left me with bulging discs in my back. I was a right mess! Beth has got me flexible again so I can even get on and off the floor to do my yoga practice without help. I can sit comfortably without a back support and can even lie on my back for the first time in years. I cannot believe the difference in my well-being Beth has made in only 7 months. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am so glad I found her!

Tina Jacob

Yoga Student

Thank you Tina,
You’ve progressed really well over the last 7 months, we started off with a practice to stabilise your back and to start mobilising the ankle joint, you are now working with a much stronger practice as both areas have responded really well to the previous work you were doing.   You can now do more balance work on your feet, are continuing to build core strength, you are now able to introduce strengthening back bends and are now also working asymmetrically which shows how much your back and ankle have improved.  It’s great to now meet with you every 5-6 weeks, to keep developing your practice and to see how much stronger you’ve become over that time.
I look froward to seeing you again soon, Thank you Beth

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