Individual Yoga Lessons

One to One Lessons for You

Why Choose One to One Yoga Lessons?

Traditionally yoga was often taught on a one to one basis. Individual yoga lessons give an opportunity to tailor a yoga practice to meet your needs. Your lifestyle, interest and what you want to change through practicing yoga will guide the development of your practice. Working on a one to one basis with a teacher allows you to explore yoga’s relevance in your everyday life.

You may be looking to start yoga lessons for a specific therapeutic reason, you might be a beginner with no specific health condition, or you might like a practice to support you during your pregnancy. You may be experienced in practicing yoga and are looking to develop you own home practice. Whatever your background one to one yoga lessons can be designed to meet your needs.

Practicing yoga

“In recommending yoga practices, teachers should always consider an individual’s particular circumstances. Just as other activities and practices must be adapted to the changes in one’s life, such as ageing, so too yoga practices need to be adapted as the practitioner changes”

T Krishnamacharya Quote – Originally posted by Paul Harvey on the Centre for Yoga Studies website.

T Krishnamacharya’s commentary to Yoga Sūtra C1 v34

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Give me a call and learn how one to one lessons can help: I would love to hear from you.

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I teach bespoke one-to-one yoga lessons which can be tailored for recovery, support and personal development.

I also teach small group classes in Swansea City Centre.

Free Consultation

Please contact me if you would like a free initial consultation, after which you can decide if you would like to book a lesson. At your first lesson you will be taught a home practice which will be specifically designed for you to work with, in order to meet your goals.

Highly Qualified

I have extensively trained in the art of teaching one-to-one yoga. I have experience of working with a variety of health conditions and needs. I am fully insured to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga.

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