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How yoga practice helps their practitioners manage their mental health

Yoga for Mental Health – Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga for mental health can help to manage your emotional well-being weather you experience depression, anxiety, panic attacks or experience stress related tension.  By working with gentle breathing techniques and movements over time you with have tools to help reduce anxiety levels and to manage your emotional well-being.  I have worked with many different people who have benefit by practicing yoga for mental health by feeling more in control of their thoughts and more able to manage how stress affects them.  Yoga can help improve your self-esteem and confidence by giving you tools you can use yourself as and when you need them.

The following articles from Yoga Practice in Swansea are designed to show the wide range of people who have taken advantage of yoga practice and the diverse conditions that it can benefit.

As well as individual case study examples, links are provided to research undertaken for particular conditions, so you can explore how practicing yoga might benefit many individuals.

Sleep Recordings

Yoga Practice – Sleep recordings. 15 short videos and supportive materials are now available for you to subscribe to for £10.

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Training your Attention

Before a group yoga class or your home yoga practice, we often set an intention (Bhāvana / point of focus) for your practice. More often than not this is a narrow focus. In this article, we explore the benefits of broadening your focus.

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Pain – the mind-body connection

Article exploring pain – the mind-body connection. I explore research that has identified a connection between our mind, emotions and physical pain experienced in your body.

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Yoga Stress Relief

It is sometimes difficult to keep the balance right in terms of work, play and lifestyle. A regular yoga practice can help you to regain a more balanced lifestyle. Yoga Stress Relief – Here is a simple yoga technique to try.

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