Yoga FAQs

by | Sep 5, 2011

FAQs and What to Expect

Some of the reasons to practice yoga regularly

What type of yoga will I practice?

Beth works with Viniyoga – ‘Vini’ means the application of – yoga. She will choose from techniques that are appropriate to meet your needs. The primary focus is breath-centred posture work however, other tools include seated breathing practices, meditation and chanting.

Can I practice yoga if I have an injury?

Yes, through individual lessons Beth can carefully select yoga postures that will maintain your flexibility and build your strength to aid recovery from an injury.  Regular yoga practice helps to keep the rest of your body moving despite any restrictions or pain.

Beth Cox Yoga Therapist

How long are yoga classes?

There are a variety of times for sessions ranging from free 20-minute recorded taster session to 3 hour workshops and weekend retreats. The average yoga class is between 60 – 75 minutes long.

Yoga class squat

What should I bring?

All you need is a yoga mat to begin with. In the future, you may want to buy other equipment but to start you can use items around the home like cushions or chairs as props.

What should I wear?

You don’t need any particular yoga clothes; any comfortable loose trousers and T-shirt are fine. Having an optional top layer can be handy too.

How do I book?

You can book any of the sessions online or if you prefer to contact Beth to chat about options you can book over the phone or via email.  If a course is full contact Beth to ask to be added to a waiting list.

Do I need to be flexible?

No, but by practicing yoga you’ll become more flexible. All yoga moves can be adapted to suit anyone.

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