Individual Yoga Lessons

One to one yoga teaching.

Bespoke yoga lessons tailored to your needs.

Applying yoga therapeutically to help you manage your physical and mental wellbeing.

Explore yoga further.

Yoga for Therapy

If you have an injury or health concern Beth has the experience and expertise to help you to build your confidence to gradually improve your mobility and strength without judgement.

Supportive Environment

Beth has experienced yoga therapy from both sides. After a car accident she took a course of yoga lessons and understands what it can be like to regain mobility and manage pain through practicing yoga.

Progress at Your Pace

Beth will assess your starting point and the pace for you to develop.  You’ll be given more time to accomplish some postures, whilst being moved on from those you’ve mastered, ensuring you keep progressing.

Yoga for Body and Mind

Working one to one, Beth can select which aspects of yoga will be helpful to you depending on your interest. Ranging from movement, breath work, mindfulness and yoga philosophy.   Each student takes their own path according to what sparks an interest for them.

Self-Conscious or Shy?

When you first learn yoga it is easy to judge yourself against others.  When working one to one you can have the freedom to develop your confidence and ability at your own pace and celebrate your achievements and progress. 

Establish Good Habits

Through individual lessons you can be confident that you’re not picking up any unhelpful habits when learning the foundations of yoga. And if you’ve got out of the habit of regular yoga practice Beth can support you to re-establish your love for yoga.

Ask a Question

Get in contact with me to ask any questions before booking.

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What can I expect from a course of one to one lessons?

In the beginning you will learn a few basic postures and breath work to get you started with practicing yoga at home.  After a couple of weeks you can review your practice to get the most from doing the movements.  As you become more mobile and confident, I gradually suggest new variations or postures that require more flexibility and strength. That way your practice is always helping you to move on.

Can I practice yoga if I have an injury?

Yes, through individual lessons Beth can carefully select yoga postures that will maintain your flexibility and build your strength to aid recovery from an injury.  Regular yoga practice helps to keep the rest of your body moving despite any restrictions or pain.

What should I bring?

All you need is a yoga mat to begin with, in the future you may want to buy other equipment but to start off you can use items round the home like cushions or chairs as props.

What should I wear?

You don’t need any particular yoga clothes; any comfortable loose trousers and t-shirt are fine. Having an optional top layer can be handy too.

What is involved in a one to one lesson?

We begin by discussing progress and future goals, from where we adapted your practice.  Beth teaches each move step-by-step, observes you doing the practice and suggests refinements to your movements and points for you to focus. You’ll have all these details in a written practice for home, to aid your memory.

How long are one to one lessons?

The first lesson is 75-minutes – allowing time to discuss your health background and explore your new practice in detail.
Follow up reviews are 45-minutes – your practice is reviewed and some aspects tweaked.
On going lessons are 60-minutes – content is developed, building in new postures and variations of postures.  

Book a Free Consultation 

Before starting individual yoga lessons Beth will meet you for a chat to discuss what you’d like to work on. 

In this free consultation Beth can find out more about your lifestyle and check your current mobility and strength.  If you choose to have lessons Beth will then be able to design a practice tailored for your needs. 

Beth Cox Yoga Therapist

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