Beginners Yoga

by | Apr 15, 2012

Learn yoga at your own speed, in-person or online; one to one or in small groups.

Yoga is not just about being able to touch your toes. A lot of people I teach don’t, you can bend your knees or touch your knees rather than your toes.

My beginner’s yoga classes are for anyone wanting to learn yoga from scratch, in a supportive, interactive environment, either in small classes or one to one.

I’ve been practising as a yoga therapist for over a decade, and have loved to chance to support stiff and stressed folk to move more easily and feel more relaxed.

New to Yoga

You can join a class directly, or if you would prefer, have a chat with Beth so we can understand your aims and set you on the right path.

Supportive Environment

By working in small groups or one to one, you can be sure you will receive the help and support you need to enjoy your yoga practice and adapt postures to suit you.

Beth Cox Yoga Therapist

Worried About Ability

Beth has the qualifications and experience to help students with many different levels of ability, adapting movement and breathing to help you relax and learn.

Returning to Yoga

If you have been away from yoga for a long time, or want to try a different approach, a beginner’s course could be the perfect way to restart.

Not Sure About Yoga

There are so many misconceptions about yoga, you might be unsure if it’ll suit you. Each student takes their own path. We simply help you to find it with lessons tailored to your ability and health.

Self Conscious or Shy?

Yoga is not just for beautiful, athletic people. It is for everyone regardless of their starting point. We teach you to develop at your own pace with tailored movement and postures you can practice at home.

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